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Suzie Carley

Our Founder

Suzie Carley, having enjoyed a lifetime of sewing and a career in community engagement and partnership roles, decided to follow her lifelong passion for fashion and enrolled in the BA (Hons) Fashion Design course in 2011 as a mature student, graduating in 2014.

During her time working for the Southampton Sustainability Forum at the Environment Centre, Suzie won national recognition from the IDeA for the citywide consultation she led on and The National Grid Award for an environmental project for young people so it’s no surprise that her ethos very much centres on the need to care about our planet and the people on it.

She is committed to sharing knowledge, equipment and resources in order to reduce the negative environmental impact fashion inevitably has.

She founded The Sewing Hub in 2023.

The Sewing Hub welcomes students and local residents to help develop skills and improve confidence and self-esteem in a welcoming learning space. Find out about our sewing classes & events here.

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Southampton sewing hub

Our Mission

The Sewing Hub follows a sustainable business model, appraising all we do against criteria that affects our people and planet.  We aim to reduce the environmental impact of fashion locally, engage the community and contribute towards a circular economy.  

As an evolving Community Interest Company we support those who wish to update or learn new sewing skills and provide the space and equipment for those who’d like to design and/or manufacture locally. We are keen that users of the hub engage and contribute to what happens here. 

As we enter our second year at the Sewing Hub, we see it becoming a place of camaraderie and laughter.  As people leave, we see them leaving proud and happy with what they have achieved.  

Our vision is for the space to be full of energy and enthusiasm as we go forward and for those who visit us, that they wish to return again, get involved with our community and shape our future.

A few words from our founder:

‘I am so passionate about what’s happening here at the Sewing Hub.  Reducing our environmental impact is essential if we are going to slow global warming, we can all do our bit to make a difference locally.  Learning to sew, alter and repair clothing helps to slow the number of items finding their way to landfill or an uncertain future in a charity shop.  It’s an enjoyable, sociable, creative and rewarding activity that reduces the reliance on fast fashion which has a devastating impact on our natural environment and society. So, a win-win. We take great pride in our work and we love to welcome our existing and new customers – so come for a visit and see for yourself.’